Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hi, I'm La!


I'm La and I tell stories. Nooooo, not stories as in lies and untruths (well, not that I'm admitting to) but stories as in storytelling. Folktales, fairy tales, tall tales, myths, legends, fables and any other type of story that I can find. Oh, I almost forgot. I also use a lot of traditional chilren's songs and folksongs. Both of which have wonderful stories to tell. I tell tales for the child and the adult.
Some stories just might give a lesson (actually most deliver some sort of lesson) and some are just for the sheer joy of the telling and the listening.

Through this blog, I plan to experiment with new stories and polish the old stories. And I will definitely be working on my rewriting of tales.
For me it is so much easier and more fun to tell a story than to write it down but write them down I will.

So sit back, relax and enjoy a few stories with me.
And please feel free to comment on the stories.
Which ones you do or do not like and why.

Let the stories begin!!!