Monday, January 14, 2008

"Oh My, No More Pie!"

Another great echo/songtale!

This is a traditional song. I am not totally sure of it's origins. I have seen it listed as an African American song but it may just be a southern traditional song.
This song or chant is also good for teaching steady beat. The beat can be pat out on your legs or tapped out on a drum.
No More Pie

(each line is echoed by children)
Oh, my!
No more pie.
Pie's too sweet.
I wanna piece of meat.
Meat's too red.
I wanna piece of bread.
Bread's too brown.
I think I'll go to town.
Town's too far.
I think I'll take the car.
Car won't go.
I fell and stubbed my toe.
Toe gives me pain.
I think I'll take the train.
Train had a wreck.
I fell and hurt my neck.
Oh, my!
No more pie.

Oh, my!
No more pie.

The last two lines a said just a little slower. As if a train were come to the end of the line.
This is a great song to use for thinking up rhymes or just new actions for the song.
Oh, no. (oh, no)
Too much snow. (too much snow)

or you can use the kid's names

Hello Paul (hello Paul)
Let's walk down the hall. (let's walk down the hall)

Unfortunately, all names are not this simple to rhyme but it can be fun to make up silly words.