Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Storytelling Library

I was looking through my storytelling book collection today. And I thought about how long it had taken me to collect all of the books (to say there are quite a few is an understatement). When I first started telling stories, somewhere around 1995, there were many books available about storytelling but I did not know which books would help me the most. So I have ended up with lots of books.

In an attempt to assist anyone who is interested in storytelling , I decided to list some of the books that I have found most helpful.

I have put the books in different categories: Storytelling References, Being A Storyteller and Story Collections.

Storytelling Reference

  • The World of Storytelling by Anne Pellowski.....very interesting look at the history of storytelling in many cultures
  • The Storyteller's Sourcebook: A Subject, Title, and Motif Index to Folklore Collections for Children, 1983-1999 by Margaret Read MacDonald and Brian W.Sturm .....a wonderful resource

Being A Storyteller

  • The Way of the Storyteller by Ruth Sawyer.....a classic, includes history, stories, how-to information and more
  • Storytelling Art & Technique by Ellin Greene......an excellent how-to book
  • The Storyteller's Start-up Book by Margaret Read MacDonald.....great book for beginners, full of tips and stories
  • Storytelling Professionally by Harlynne Geisler.....a fabulous resource for professional storytellers or anyone that wishes to become a storyteller
  • The Storyteller's Guide by Bill Mooney and David Holt.......a WOW! book..full of advice from professional storytellers
  • New Handbook for Storyteller's by Caroline Feller Bauer.....one of the first books I acquired...great resource for teachers, librarians, storytellers or anyone working with children
  • Improving Your Storytelling by Doug Lipman.....full of good advice for taking your telling to the next level by Doug Lipman a wonderful storyteller and storytelling coach

Story Collections

  • Favorite Folktales from Around the World by Jane Yolen
  • Apples From Heaven by Naomi Baltuck
  • Ready-To-Tell Tales by David Holt and Bill Mooney
  • More Ready-To-Tell Tales by David Holt and Bill Mooney
  • The Complete "Fairy Book" Series by Andrew Lang
  • Fair is Fair by Sharon Creeden
  • Three Minute Tales by Margaret Read MacDonald
  • Peace Tales by Margaret Read MacDonald
  • Just Enough To Make A Story by Nancy Schimmel
  • Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope by Ed Brody, Jay Goldspinner, Katie Green, Rona Leventhal and John Porcino
  • Jackie Tales by Jackie Torrence
  • Grandfather Tales by Richard Chase
  • Stories to Play With by Hiroko Fujita and Fran Stallings
  • Stories to Solve by George Shannon
  • More Stories to Solve by George Shannon
  • Still More Stories to Solve by George Shannon
  • Best-Loved Folktales of the World by Joanna Cole
  • The Story Vine by Anne Pellowski