Sunday, July 27, 2008


IF, as a Storyteller,

I continue to tell the same stories in the same way without occasionally checking to see if they are still relevant to me and more importantly to my listeners

I fail to encourage or spark the Storyteller that is in all of us

My storytelling becomes more about me than about those I tell to

I ever forget that I have an obligation to the Listener and to the Story

I forget that one of the roles of the Storyteller is to pass on the lessons from the past

I stop wanting and needing to pass on stories and experiences to others

I do not actively seek feedback from listeners and other tellers

I do not LISTEN to the feedback that I receive from others

I no longer find the joy and the laughter in the stories and in life

I fail to realize the importance of The Storytellers Role as a Leader in Society

I cease to feel just a "wee bit" of nerves before I tell

I ever lose the ability to feel the magic in the words "Once upon a time...."

I have absolutely no way to become better as a Storyteller

I was inspired to write this, by a blog I read written by filmmaker, Director Tom Bringing Brands to Life.
Tom was inspired by Carl Glickman's book, Leadership for Learning: How to Help Teachers Succeed.
This is Glickman's original statement.

I read Tom's blog months ago, and knew I wanted to write an IF/Then for my Storytelling but never seemed to A)take the time to do it .... and B) seemed to be able to get my thoughts into any kind of order.

But after watching Randy Pausch's vid below, I felt inspired to try again.

I will end this as Tom did and ask you, "What is your If/Then statement?"

Love, Laughter, Peace and Blessings y'all!
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lovemaryxoxo said...

I haven't read everything, but I like your style of writing and your inward journey to improve on your art form.